Argentina: ‘Ambassador’s dinner party’ enters the Argentine Embassy and unlocks special customs

The Argentine Ambassador to China Gustavo Sabino Vaca Narvaja talks with guests. Photo: Courtesy of the Embassy of Argentina in China

Argentina, the most distant country in the world from China. As a multicultural country, Argentina has a diverse culture and customs, with its popular soccer, passionate tango, flavorful barbecues, and the maté tea. When people think of Argentina, there are always a series of cultural symbols that impress them. Its unique national culture and artistic charm have attracted countless people to this country.

Recently, the “Treasure Guests” of the international food and cultural appreciation program “Ambassador’s dinner party” went to the Argentine Embassy in Beijing to experience the flavorful food and unique culture of Argentina.

The Argentine Ambassador to China Gustavo Sabino Vaca Narvaja prepared roast meat and red wine in the courtyard to welcome the host group. Ambassador Narvaja said that Argentine people especially love roast beef and its capital Buenos Aires is truly the “capital of roast meat.” Because of its high altitude and large temperature difference between day and night, Argentina grows grapes with strong flavor and deep color. 

Although Argentina and China are tens of thousands of miles away from each other, the psychological distance between the two countries is only “one step away.” Based on the “soulmate” relationship between the two countries, the ambassador proposed the theme of this family dinner as “a step away from the mountain and the river, ” which is the reason why both China and Argentina attach great importance to the development of ecological environment and people’s livelihood, in the hope that the clear water and green mountains of both countries will always be there, so as to take a solid step toward building a global community of shared future.

 At the same time, the ambassador hoped that the family dinner would include a creative dish combining the cultures of China and Argentina, and proposed to hold a “Sino-Argentine soccer friendly game” before the family dinner. In addition, the guests also experienced the beauty of tango. Tango is known as one of the “national treasures” of Argentina, and is loved by people all over the world for its passionate dance and upbeat rhythm.