Diplomats sports festival 2023 held in Beijing to enhance friendship and cultural exchange

Lion dance is performed at the diplomats sports festival 2023 in Beijing. Photo: Courtesy of the General Administration of Sport of China

The 2023 Diplomat Sports Series Invitational Tournament was held on May 13 at the Beijing Sports University. The event attracted a total of 16 teams from 14 embassies as well as the General Administration of Sports of China and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the soccer tournament, the Kyrgzstan Embassy team won the championship, while teams from the Iraqi and Iranian embassies coming in second and third place respectively. The prize for the best team went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs team.

In addition to the soccer match, the event also featured interactive experience programs such as traditional Chinese martial arts, Frisbee, shooting games, Chinese painting and calligraphy. The Belt and Road cultural interactive experience area was also a highlight at the event. Organizers of the event explained that it is hoped that through this event, the participating diplomats will have a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture, become envoys of Chinese culture, and also enhance the friendship and exchanges among ambassadors from countries along the Belt and Road.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road initiative. Over the last decade, sports exchanges and cooperation between countries and regions along the Belt and Road have become increasingly close. The Diplomat Sports Invitational Series has been held for more than 20 years, and has become an influential brand event for diplomats. 

Through sports and cultural exchanges, the event will continue to enhance understanding and friendship between diplomatic missions and strengthen exchanges and communication.