Greece: Greek mythology digital art carnival held in Beijing

Greek mythology digital art carnival is held in Beijing. Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of Greece in China

The opening ceremony of the “Greek mythology digital art carnival” was held in Beijing on April 3. The event was hosted by conglomerate Wanda and supported by the Greek Embassy in China. The event combines digital art and MR technology to bring the audience into the world of ancient Greece, where the history of ancient Greek mythology and the combination of art and technology are experienced.

“It is very nice to be here, to enjoy this wonderful virtual trip to Greek mythology Solana and Wanda Group and OneK MR+ have prepared for all of us. The love and respect Chinese people have for Greece and Greek mythology never stops to amaze me, but this metaverse presentation has really hit the ball out of the park,” Nestor Tyrovouzis, head of public diplomacy office, Greek Embassy in China said at the opening ceremony.  

“I hope, now that China is opening up, you will all have the opportunity to travel to Greece and visit for yourself mount Olympus, where the Greek Gods lived, or ancient Olympia, where the legendary hero Hercules created the Olympic Games and other places, Greece is a mythic land to visit,” Nestor added. 

The event will be held until June 30, 2023.