India: Embassy of India in China participates in Nowruz Celebration in Beijing

Embassy of India in China shows a Kathak performance on March 22. Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of India in China

On March 22, the Embassy of India in China participated in the Nowruz celebrations held at SCO secretariat in Beijing. SCO Member states, observers and dialogue partners attended in the celebrations, which also included cultural programs and stalls with delicious cuisines.

At the event,  Indian Ambassador to China Pradeep Rawat spoke about how during its SCO presidency, India is organizing around 130 events imbued with the spirit of Nowruz of doing good deeds and speaking good words.

The Indian embassy team in Beijing showed a Kathak performance, which was followed by a medley of songs from “Disco Dancer.”

The Indian stall catered delicious food – specially made from millets in view of International Year of Millets and displayed artifacts embodying the cultural diversity of India.